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funny everyday life quotes

happening to people like you and me - to share the funny and true things you went through - Rate & comment - Does Not require registration.
benjoke (unregistered)
Today, I give my 7 year old daughter, Jade, a big hug. She pushes me away, and says "if you want a teddy bear, buy one !"
Paul Alen (unregistered)
Today I get a phone call from one of my close female friend of mine: she won't be able to make it out tomorrow, and so she wants to come see me the day after instead. I'm fine with that, but I ain't sureIi'll be able to get a hold on the fourty some people that were supposed to come for her surprise Bday party.
let43 (rank1)
Today, it's been eight months that I can't sleep because of the noise my neighbors are doing, so I knocked at their door and asked: "how can you guys can be making so much noise? Are you going around in tractor or what?" Turns out that one of them is disabled and needs a wheelchair. I felt so bad. Jinxed!
simow (unregistered)
Today, my 5 year daughter tells me "mom, you're the most beautiful mom in the world! Can I have an icecream ?" I tell her that she can't because we're about to eat. Her answer: "I don't care, I was lying anyways." Jinxed!
blue_eyes (unregistered)
Today, I got cheated on and consecutively dumped over text message after 7 months, by a girl who claimed she would never cheat on somebody because she "knew what it felt like." Jinxed!
dusto44 (rank1)
Today, after I have been hitchiking for more than 15 minutes under the rain, a car finally slowed down. The driver opened the window, looked at then said "not cute enough" and set off. Jinxed!
pat5 (unregistered)
Today, I was so bored that I filmed my goldfish while it was eating. Jinxed!
Cindeee (unregistered)
Today, I got a beautiful set of fine lingerie including a red satin corset, bra and thong...from my grandpa. Jinxed!
1-2bucklemyshoe (unregistered)
Today, I am in the metro and an old lady starts telling me off for not giving her my seat. I stand up and let her sit. On my way back home, I spot another old lady and invite her to take my seat. She sharply replied "I am not that old !" Jinxed!
kerclaj (rank1)
Today, as we were planning our wedding, my girlfriend tells me: "I'd like to lose weight for our wedding, I want to look good for the pictures". I reply: "and for me too ?". She said: "well, the pictures are forever." Jinxed!
spore (unregistered)
Today, I am rollerblading when I suddenly want to go to the toilets, so I rush to the first bar I come accross with my rollerblades still on. I was so relieved that I leaned backwards. Big mistake ! I fell flat and peed myself. Jinxed!
johnPx (unregistered)
Today, I just moved from Illinois to Miami to start living with my girlfriend, who just got a letter telling her she had a second job interview... in Illinois Jinxed!
Short and funny online comics
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