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funny everyday life quotes

happening to people like you and me - to share the funny and true things you went through - Rate & comment - Does Not require registration.
evangelis (unregistered)
Today I'm still in love with a girl who already has a BF, and I'm too shy to tell her. Jinxed!
matz40 (unregistered)
Today I opened my eyes while I was still in my bed, and gave the curtain a sharp tap to open it. Instead of a nice and thin sunbeam stroking my face, the curtain rod fell on my throat. Jinxed!
cally (unregistered)
Today I go shopping with my girlfriend. In the fitting room, she tries on a skirt that was too large, so I went get ahead and got her another one. When I came back, she was bent over and I said "what the heck is this ugly panty?" I was in the wrong firring room. Jinxed!
stelcri (unregistered)
Today I'm getting married. My fiancee is wearing a wonderful wedding dress, which is nonetheless quite restricting to wear. As she is talking about it to her friends she goes: "next time, I'll choose one that's more convenient." Jinxed!
ouch. (unregistered)
Today, at the local fair two people fought. One threw a pina colada drink in a hollow pineapple, which hit me square on the side of my head. Pineapple bits went everywhere. Jinxed!
krazykrayla (unregistered)
Today I was lying on the couch and my little brother was playing with my hair. I thought it was sweet, but then I looked in the mirror and found he just put 50 knots in my hair that he learned from boy scouts. Jinxed!
rybo8 (unregistered)
Today I work at a DVD store. An old man comes in and asks where the Perla Born DVD was. I asked her "who is she: a singer, a comedian?" she replied "it's a movie about planes and bombs." Ok, Pearl Harbor. Jinxed!
black974 (unregistered)
Today is the big day. I'm supposed to finally meet Miss E, the woman of my dreams according to Every girl that passes could be "the one". An incredibly hot girl walked up to me, asked my name, and left right after that. It was her. Jinxed!
acucella (unregistered)
Today I was so late, my friends had been waiting for me for ages, so I decided I'd get changed in my car. The cops just didn't believe me when then caught me wearing only my bra at the red light. Jinxed
Reya13 (unregistered)
Today I was at a party with a few friends. Everything was ok, but no one was talking, so I tried being sociable and started chatting with the people there. When we got back home, my boyfriend told me: "You need to start figuring out when people don't want to talk to you." Jinxed!
mona (unregistered)
Today I gave one my students an F, and sent him to detention for lying. He swore that he gave me his paper back, whereas I couldn't find it anywhere. Actually yes, it had slipped behind my desk. I'm gonna have to apologize in front of all the class. Jinxed!
nicoletta3â (unregistered)
Today I was working at starbucks thanks to the wifi there. I took my flipfliops off to be more "relax" and put them in my bag. It was actually not my bag but that of the guy next to me, who left before me! In the street, people looked at me like I was crazy. Jinxed!
Short and funny online comics
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